Follow up to "scary, alien invasion nightmare"

Happy Sunday,

Much to my shock, as in my nightmare where the military was shooting from helicopters, only to realize, it was a precognition dream to the Las Vegas massacre, an article was just posted on The Daily Sheeple stating there is footage of the massacre, where there is shooting coming from --a helicopter..It's so creepy even I can't believe it....Here is a follow-up article to that dream.

"In an investigation where each day seemingly gets weirder than the last, the latest shocking revelation in the ongoing cover-up of what actually happened during the Las Vegas Massacre comes in the form of video footage that may prove that victims of the attack were fired upon from the air.
Multiple videos posted from the scene of the attack show a helicopter flying around the area which many have speculated could have been used for surveillance or di…


Heaven. It truly exists.....Not only is it a state of mind, but an actual place of pure peace, love & beauty. How do I know? Because I have woken up, "in Heaven" a number of times now in my dream state. Two nights ago, I literally woke up in consciousness, while my body was sleep & right before me, was the most BEAUTIFUL, peach and orange colored mountain, with snow on the top & I instantly felt & knew in my soul, it was Heaven. This energy ran straight down from my head, down the back of my neck & spine, in chills at the scene before me & because I felt the Love of God......It was soooo beautiful & Divine. I hope this gives all a nice inner feeling, knowing such a place exists.

Follow up to my last upsetting dream post, that I now know was Las Vegas.................

Happy Beautiful October,

I hope this finds you all enjoying this gorgeous fall day. My husband & I enjoyed a fun & exciting mountain bike ride by our new home & it was just a ball. By far, my most favorite sport of all.....I haven't written since my last post for many reasons. #1) We have been in the transition mode, of relocating back to Colorado, to one of my most favorite spots in the US.  Both of us had jobs (3) weeks before our townhome was available, so we've been camping & going back & forth to Moab, Utah on weekends, for packing & cleaning up. But we are now, officially in our comfy new home just miles from the most awesome mountain biking, so life is good once again.

Secondly, I've been too crushed over the Las Vegas shooting, considering I now know that is what my last dream post was warning me about. I understand now, the UFO thing was symbolic since Las Vegas is a short distance from Area 51 (the US military base that reverse engineers fal…

Scary alien invasion nightmare.......................................

Dear All,

I've been debating whether to share a dream I had two nights ago, that for me was truly terrifying. Unsure why but decided for whatever reason I'm going to. I wish I could say it was just a convoluted nightmare that made no sense, but unfortunately, it was indeed very lucid & clear. Here it is:

I woke up in consciousness to see this huge green military helicopter hovering right above my daughter, son in law & husband, approximately 50 feet in the air. It was very, very loud & I could see the military guys standing in the open door of the helicopter with machine guns in their hands. Someone behind me, asked what was going on & my son in law tried to assure them not to worry, that they weren't going to shoot. I responded back "like hell they aren't."  Then ground troops were surrounding us & suddenly they lifted their guns, all pointing them in one direction & began to fire. I looked over one of their shoulders to see what the…

A slight understanding of frequencies & how they effect realitites

Happy Sunday morning,

I hope this finds everyone strong for the day ahead. I'd like to share the beginnings of understanding on how our frequencies effect our realities. I've been waking up in the morning with more and more pieces of the puzzle & I'm thinking I better write it down before it is gone.

So, prior to this dream knowledge, I found myself perplexed on why some people can see ghosts or even UFOs in the sky, yet others see nothing. Of course those that see nothing think those than can see are crazy, because to them, they do not exist (which isn't necessarily the case at all).....For example: in approx 1976, (1) of my (3) brothers and I watched a dome shaped disk hover approximately 50-75 ft hover over our house in Studio City, CA. for an unknown amount of time...It was totally surreal & we had absolutely nothing to give us guidance on what it was, since X-Files was many years away in the future..We both witnessed it, but did not share our experiences w…

Very profound & important message for everyone learned in a night-time dream re: "Hell"

Dear Everyone,

I feel it's important to re-share this dream experience I had approximately (20) years ago. It was so profound and has overwhelming consequences for all of us, if it's indeed true, which of course I believe it is. Here is what I experienced.

I went to sleep & woke up in consciousness in Hell, pure and simple. I could feel the cold, dampness and see endless souls trapped was dark like a cave..The souls were moaning in agony, and as I observed and felt this horrible place, I KNEW it was my job to lead as many souls out that were ready to let go of this experience and go to the Light. At this same moment, I heard in my head "GOD DOES NOT SEND PEOPLE TO HELL. WE SEND OURSELVES INTO THE HELL FREQUENCY BY THE ACTIONS & THOUGHTS WE EXHIBIT IN OUR LIVES." 
As I continued to observe the trapped souls, a beautiful white beam of Light came down from the sky and I knew it was my job to lift or show the souls ready to move up and on, how to go to t…

Mexican Earthquake felt in my dream state

Good morning to all,

I hope this day finds you all blessed.  I need to share another aspect of dreaming abilities. I'm not sure if it's considered precognitive since I was dreaming of an event as it was occurring in another country.

This is what I dreamed last night:

I'm sitting here at this desk in Moab, Utah writing, when suddenly the whole house begins to sway, back and forth. It takes me a moment to realize it's an earthquake and because this house is adobe, I need to get out as soon as possible in case it collapses. I could feel the house begin to sink and I'm wondering if I'll be able to get down our wooden ladder in time to leave unharmed.

Then I woke up & shared with Pardon my husband how real my dream was. How I can still feel the sensation of the rolling ground & I said to him "there's going to be a big earthquake somewhere."

 Imagine my surprise to open up Yahoo right before I wrote this to see, Mexico was hit with a 8.1 earthqu…