Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy Beautiful windy, blustery day to everyone,

I hope you are all somewhere, where you can see the trees explode in amazing color, like I saw tonight while walking my doggie Leo. There was an oak tree with the tips of it's leaves, a dark mauve-people color, yet the inner leaves were green and gold.  Truly a last gift from Mother Nature before the long, cold winter sets in.

Now, I'd like to share an amazing astral projection experience I had last night. For those who don't know what astral projecting is, in short, it is simply where the spirit of your body, leaves your physical body, though still attached by a silver cord and you can go anywhere you want. You can literally fly through the air and experience exactly what birds do though I'm sure they see it differently or just hover in the clouds and spectate. Soon, I will begin posting the actual mental process (steps) of astral projecting & how to overcome the physical/eyes visualizations/limitations that can cause fear for many.

Back to last night,. as I came out of my physical body, in total awareness, I saw the spirit of a young boy of about 10 years old aimlessly wandering in the night sky.  Somehow, I knew he was "lost" from his physical body & unsure of how to get back. With a telepathic ability, he said he was from San of course, I knew my job was to take him home. I gave him the message to take my astral hand, so I could turn him around so we would be heading west  Now, here is the kicker. If you're not used to being in spirit, your eyes hold the same limitations for you as if you were in the physical body. Meaning..if you approach a building, when you're in the physical you know you can't just walk through a solid wall & if you are not consciously aware of the fact, your body is not attached, you think your spirit too will hit that wall as well. Well, this young boy  was scared & it was literally all I could do, to keep us up in the night sky, because his fears kept weighting us down back to earth. I had to consciously ascend high enough to get us over the trees, then let the currents get us over the Rocky Mtns. At one point, while going over the eastern Bay Area, the weight of his fear, brought us back down to earth & we ended up in a building. And again, I had to explain to him, that because we were in spirit, the walls of the building weren't really there and we could float freely through them, which we ended up doing & back up into the sky.  FINALLY, after a long time in spirit, we reached San Francisco. At that point, he seemed to know the way back to his body, which was a huge relief for me. And then I came right back myself.. It just seems that I came  out of my body just in time, to keep this boy from separating from his little body of 10. That explains how/why people die in their sleep for no apparent reason....or at least explains (1) reason for it.  In fact, I think I even posted the story where I was out of my body & again went over the Rockies, to then turn north to go visit my friend Carla, who lives on the Oregon border. Wellllll, I got sooo mesmerized by the beauty of the colors of the sky out over the ocean that I completely let myself continue to float toward the Light on the horizon. I would have continued to do so if it wasn't for an old Aborigine couple that grabbed me in spirit and scolded me for the fact, that if they hadn't stopped me, I would have eventually lost my body.   So that's my story.

I'm excited to share the whole journey with the astral abilities, from the 1st conscious time of doing it, to where now I can fly wherever I want, like I did recently to my beloved Moab to do flips off the canyon rims in total bliss knowing there is nothing to fear. Much to my friends dismay, I have also recently astral projected back up to Montana - twice to visit, my beloved 4 legged friends (2 dogs, 1 horse, 3 goats & 35 chicken) I had to leave behind that nearly broke my heart when my ex-fiance & I broke up.

Good night and happy journeying to all.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Being in the Presence of God

Profound dream I had in 2000,  where I literally woke up in the presence of God. Here is what happened:  (Please know, that I have never been to Israel, nor am I in the least bit biblical)

I "woke up" (meaning in conscious awareness-NOT physically) in my dream to find myself sitting on an old stone foundation in the heart of Israel, which upon researching the next day, I believe is King Solomon's Temple. I was in ultra awareness & could feel the hardness of the huge, stone rocks underneath me, as I looked around totally amazed at what I was looking at. There was lots of sand & lots of desert surrounding this primitive foundation.

Suddenly, I COULD FEEL & KNEW GOD WAS WITH ME AS WELL...I COULD FEEL HIS PRESENCE IN THE SKY ABOVE ME and I was instantly humbled to the core. The sky's instantly went from clear & blue to dark & extremely stormy looking and in that moment  & without thought I knew I was to close my eyes, and put my hands up in prayer, which I did.
With my eyes closed, I could see lighting striking the earth through my lids, and hear the thunder exploding all around me, though somehow I KNEW I was completely safe and loved by God. 

(This is very sad for me to write........)  While feeling and listening to the angry sky's all around me, suddenly I could FEEL the grief of God in my very soul, and then I heard his words:


I can't even begin to share with you the grief from our Creator...It was beyond devastating. Then the lightening and thunder ended and I felt that God was no longer present, so I slowly opened my eyes unsure as to what I was going to see. I slowly stepped down from the foundation, with nothing left inside of me but grief and began walking through the streets of Israel, to find everyone was gone but me.

Then I woke up hysterically crying because I felt sooooooo bad for God....soooo sad at what man had done in his name to each other and to nature. And for the next (3) hours after this experience, I could not look at anyone at work in the eyes, because I somehow seemed to know the destiny of their souls, though I knew I was not supposed to..That is sacred between each individual & God, but because I had been sooo close to God, a part of him came through with me.....but as three hours passed, so too did my abilities and for that I was grateful.                     Blessings.

A quick note to anyone out there that might be an abductee/contactee and have no one to share all the strange things occurring in your life, such as: missing time, dreams of floating out of your bedroom, seeing alien type faces, or suddenly having psychic abilities you did not have before, or even night terrors? If so, I'd love to help you emotionally/mentally understand what is occurring and to help turn it into a positive experience for you.

How would I know? Because my kids & I have been contactees, for as long as I can remember, but I choose to learn and embrace the experiences, instead of letting them take control of my life, scare me and dis-empower me. I made the choice to face the events and to learn, and because I know I am one of the few that do, I'd like to help others experiencing the same thing. 

Because I do need to have an income, I am charging 25.00/hr for assistance, but if you truly can not pay, I would be happy to barter instead. We can do over the phone counseling (970-286-3519) or in-person. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

**I also have one of the top psychologists in the country who deals with contactees to attest to my experiences, not to mention family & neighbors who have witnessed actual events. 

(My daughter drew this picture at one and a half years old, before I was consciously aware of what was occurring.) May you be brave in this new reality & adventure.
Today is a profoundly sad day for the planet for two reasons.  I'm not sure how many of you have been following the absolute tragedy at the Fukushima power plant in Japan, ( but our earth is truly in peril and most people do not even know it. In the next few days, this already crippled & highly contaminated plant is about to be hit by Typhoon Vongfong, soon to be listed as a Category 6, (5 is usually the highest) with the nuclear power plant set for a direct hit. The poisoning the Pacific Ocean & West Coast has already been subjected to is unimaginable, but with this Typhoon-- unspeakable.  The bottom line is, nature & technology is on a collision course with man & every living creature & I think Gaia or Mother Earth is in agony.  For her, I ask all of you, to please say a quiet prayer & apology for the contribution to earths destruction  we are all a part of, by using heat in our homes, driving cars, using computers, cell phones, etc...for it is this lifestyle which has created the demand for power plants, both coal & nuclear & all the other destructive plants to build our daily tools. (Although, I think clean energy alternatives has been given to us from elsewhere, but the powers that be -- have refused its use, solely for financial gain, at the peril to the earth).

The second profoundly sad event, is that my dearest friend Carla, whom I call Mother Nature is dying of heart failure at only 52 years old. She lives on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in southern Oregon, with her menagerie of animals, and her daughter & husband. I call her Mother Nature, because when I met her, she was living in the middle of redwood trees in a beautiful redwood home, and in her house was a dog, cat, chincillas, ferret, iguanas, rodents, birds, you name it.....and outside poultry, owls, otters, bears, raccoons, skunks, and everything else.  She is also my soulmate. We have an unbelievable soul connection to the point of whenever one thing happens to one, within (2) weeks it happens to the other. Even if it is our kids!!!!! Though we are (3) states apart, we are physically attached both experiencing deep pain within our hearts, but we both have zero fear of leaving this earth for the Divine Realms, because we both know we'll never be alone - for long, cause the other will join soon thereafter & after everything we have both experienced in this lifetime, a little rest in Spirit would be a nice thing (smiling)....And on a positive & fun note, when we leave, I want to be a red tail hawk the next time around and she wants to be a swallow, so we had to agree, that she won't harass me as swallows naturally do, and I won't eat her...smiling....We'll just soar all over the place free as birds and as happy as can be. . . To you Mother Nature, I mean Carla, I love you forever & have no doubt we'll be together for ever...whether in this world or the next.........

Thursday, October 9, 2014

This was an image I was shown in a dream in 1993 (or close to it. It's been a long time). All I could see was this image & nothing else. It seemed to have even been zoomed in for me, so I wouldn't forget what I was being shown when I woke up. I'm ashamed it took me soooo long to share with the world.  Please know, as I was also shown & experienced in a dream, and I have in my book, God/Creator DOES NOT send us to Hell, or to the lower frequencies. We send ourselves to that frequency with the actions and choices in our lives.......and Universal Law does the balancing. God and those of the Higher Realms love soooo purely and sooooo Divinely, there are no words to describe this Ethereal State of Bliss.

Happy  beautiful October everyone,.

      Namaste & peace to all. After (2) long years of taking a hiatus from my dream blog, it now feels like time to begin sharing again. I've had a number of unbelievable (even by my standards) dreams & events, I have not posted for reasons, unacceptable, such as: 1#) being lazy, and #2) taking them for granted, since it is common for me to experience.
     A lot (understatement) has happened since my last post, the main one being, after fantasazing & (astral projecting in my sleep) of northern Montana, with the grizzlies & wolves for years, I met a man online who lived on the border of MT & British Columbia. We got along beautifully while online dating, but once I moved up there, I almost immediately knew something was profoundly wrong when I began dreaming demonic strong warning dreams at night, which I was not experiencing prior to leaving.
     As you can imagine, I was hoping to God, there was something not right with the house he lived in, though by all appearances, it was a beautiful large Amish built home, but as a few months progressed, I realized it was the man and not the house causing the dark dreams. Then, it was reinforced when my son, who knew nothing about what was going on, called me one morning very upset, because he had had a dream the night before, where he was in with me & the gentleman I had met. In this dream, this man looked the same but was demonically possessed (yep growling & all), and my son was hysterical telling me "stay in the Light mom, stay in the Light" because this man was stealing my soul.
     Needless to say, I knew immediately, my future was short lived there - & it was. But I also know the adventure had many lessons waiting for me that I had to understand, not to mention the fact, that experience also put an end to my karmic last life as Gall. It allowed me to once again face a man & situation, that broke me in my last life, to again face, but with a different outcome...Too stand up to him and thrive!!!!!!!
     Now, that that chapter is over, I feel a re-birth of my soul to speak. I was shredded to the root of my soul, so I could then be re-born spiritually into the person I was when I came here on earth in the very beginning. I am also no longer afraid or ashamed to share my gifts of lucid dreaming, astral projecting or even communicating with the star people....Thanks to an amazing woman named Lisa Nichol's inspirational speech ( she made me very proud of my gifts and to accept they were given to me for a purpose and that is to share with others and help whoever needs it on the Journey.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Past Life Memories of others - Spiritual Attacks & Dream Last night re: my kids video games

Good cold, strange evening to all,

     These last few days have been extremely weird on a number of accounts but before I begin writing about some strange events, I'd like to say it is amazing the stories I have received regarding past life memories in people; especially within young children. A very dear friend of mine who lives down in Texas, has a 4 year old daughter that seems to be attuned to her past life more than most. Much to the surprise of mom, and siblings, she began telling them how she died before she came here and went in to detail about what happened and the type of clothing she was wearing and details about the male that had murdered her.  Listening to the story, makes the hair stand up on your neck.
     On a personal note, in 1985, my 36 year old Uncle Maury who was the love of my life died totally unexpectedly from cancer. I was beyond devastated & it took me years to be okay again.  Well, when I get pregnant with my 2nd child in 1993, with a son, I was going to name him Maury no matter Vern, their dad had to say about it.  Vern could call him Bozo the Clown, but I knew it was Maury.  Well, fast forward 5 years later. Little Maury was in his car seat behind me while driving in to town one day.  I suddenly really missed my uncle and said so out loud.  Suddenly, a little voice behind me said "mom, don't be sad & miss uncle Maury cause I am RIGHT here!" His voice was so sweet and innocent & I responded back "honey, I don't mean you, I mean my uncle Maury that you were named after that died years ago." And he said " I know mom, I AM HERE I came back to you!"  I knew he was right & I started to cry.  My beloved Uncle knew I would cherish every day with him no matter what form he was in. And lastly, as I've told both of my kids  if I leave this earth before they have their own children -"You better be as good to your kids as I was you, because I can guarantee you I will be one of them!"  And I was not joking.
     Kids clear memories make very good sense to me, since children are still so tuned in to spirit and have not learned cultural or religious limitations on what they are or are not to believe & the memories of yesterday have not been shut off yet in their little brains. I have also spoken to a number of others that "know" they too have experienced Native American past lives, often as warriors.
     It really is too bad, this is still such a voodoo topic in modern day America.  Just think of all the cool things we can learn from the past, if people would put their fears, egos, closed minds & religious beliefs aside & listen to those with the memories bleeding through today.  Isn't it totally egotistical to think we can become perfected beings in one single lifetime?  It takes many lifetimes of lessons to raise our frequencies to the God frequency of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness & Peace. (The soul can go the other way as well depending on the choices made in our lives-or rather our frequency can lower to a Hell frequency made by choices guaranteeing another incarnation in the hope of learning the next time.)
     Brutally honestly, I don't think most people want to even consider the possibility they have lived time and time again, especially when they learn one's actions in your past directly relate to your life now. There is a cause and effect or rather - balancing to everything.  People like being asleep because it's safer.  You don't have to explore the great mysteries of the Spirit & of your self. But that is only an illusion. One day, you will not be able to run from yourself any longer.  Might as well face it now, and get it over with is my motto.
     Now, for the strange things.  It began last Friday night when I was psychically attacked in my sleep, then the next day I was physically attacked by a friend's dog who had attacked my little dog Leo, then turned on me. Needless to say, I was a bit shaken up at the sneak attack, until a number of close friends began calling to tell me they too were being attacked in one form or another. I couldn't believe it!  Scarily, 4 people I know have gotten very physically sick, 3 have gotten psychically or demonically attacked and it didn't stop with my friends. My son was in Colorado Springs for State Competition and a friend of many years of his (suffering from depression) turned on my son and wanted to fight him which my son refused to do, then during an awards ceremony a boy he did not know threw up on his back.  Needless to say, he came home furious and very unhappy.  This morning he woke up throwing up alongside his sister who was sick yesterday.  In all, there is something very strange going on "out there."  There seems to be a real darkness sneaking in through our light barriers-either to break us or make us stronger is how I look at it & truthfully I refuse to feel fear or stop anything I am doing now or become weak.  The challenges only strengthen my resolve. After the dog attack, I went home & called upon the 4 most powerful people I know spiritually for backup (3 whom all are old warrior souls & 1 who is just plain gifted period). Once I called in the spiritual troops, the darkness has been kept at bay, and truthfully now, I know why I was meant to meet these 3  ladies in Sedona and one from here. For the precarious spiritual times we are in now.) The elders have reunited for strength.
    As for video games, unfortunately my son, daughter and son-in-law all play those horrible xbox games that usually involve violence.  I absolutely do not like them and have told them all over and over about spending so much time in the lower frequencies while playing them & opening doorways up to places left closed.  For some reason, I woke up at 2:00 AM last night and I just couldn't go back to sleep.  I started thinking about Maury's xbox and then kinda put it there spiritually to help me understand why I am sooo against them.  This is what I dreamed:

I was sitting in the backseat of my daughter's truck with my son sitting next to me.  Tessa was driving and Javier was in the front passenger seat.  We were driving down a neighborhood street in Fort Collins, when suddenly Tessa puts the truck into reverse and starts driving backwards really fast, then suddenly opens her door & jumps out.  I start screaming to Javier to put his foot on the brake, but Javier gives me a look like it's a joke and ignores me.  I jump over the seat and get into the drivers position, when suddenly I realize my feet and legs are paralyzed. No matter how bad I want to stop the truck I can not.  I can not move them at all. I look into the rear view mirror and I see a 4-way intersection coming up behind us very rapidly.  Tessa is standing next to a red stop sign waving her arms to us, yelling for us to stop.  Suddenly, I heard her voice in my head say "mom, there are 2 cars coming the other way." But it was too late.  Right before we approached the intersection, Javier stepped down on the brakes, but our speed continued on.  As our truck entered the intersection I saw two cars spin out of control trying to avoid hitting us. One of the cars had at least 6 kids in it which upset me terribly.  The next moment, we are all standing in a room.  I am completely distraught with my daughter I can not even look at her.  The two women drivers come up to me and ask me why I would drive so carelessly.  I looked at them, crushed they would even consider I would endanger children like that.  I replied through my grief "I did not do that. My daughter did" and I explained what happened & how I tried to stop it, but my paralyzed limbs would not respond.  As the two ladies walked away, I walked over to my daughter, grabbed her arm very violently and said to her "Tess, you are not my daughter." and I walked out the room leaving Tessa, Maury and Javier behind.  I left the room and walked out in to darkness.  The sky was dark, the bushes were dark, I felt nothing inside and then I realized I was in the Hell frequency. (Tessa's, Maury's & Javier's Hell frequency from the video games) I also noticed I was walking downhill (going to an even lower frequency) on the side walk when I came into FULL awareness.  I made the conscious choice right then I DID NOT HAVE to be there, nor wanted to be there & I was leaving for a Higher place. I put my arms out to my sides and began to fly through the dark sky, soon entering back into the Light.   The sky turned into ethereal Godlike colors of pinks, peaches and oranges with a beautiful design letting me know I was back with God with pure Love filling my heart.  I closed my eyes with my arms still out to the sides like wings, tilted my head back and said "I am sorry God" (for what my kids have done)  fully giving myself over with total trust and Love to the Creator. Somehow, I know I couldn't blame myself for their choices.

I woke up with the very clear message to my kids.  My legs & feet were paralyzed because the choice the 3 of them were making playing games that involved spending lots of time in spiritual darkness, was theirs and theirs alone. I was only there as a spectator and as a guide to let them know the consequences of their actions.  I was very proud of myself of recognizing the fact I did not have to be in Hell, and felt completely honored to be so loved by God or the Creator, who waits for us all.  Strangely, I knew somehow I could not blame myself for their choices.

Amen & Namaste.

 Native American Prayer

Oh, Great Spirit
Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to all the world,
hear me, I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold
the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have
made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise so that I may understand the things
you have taught my people.
Let me learn the lessons you have
hidden in every leaf and rock.

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother,
but to fight my greatest enemy - myself.
Make me always ready to come to you
with clean hands and straight eyes.
So when life fades, as the fading sunset,
my Spirit may come to you without shame.

(translated by Lakota Sioux Chief Yellow Lark in 1887)