Good morning to all,

I hope this finds everyone feeling something special today. Before, I lose the details, I must share one the coolest experiences I've had while asleep in a long time.

It started out as just a regular dream, that was even taking on a kinda scary theme. I was with another lady & we were sitting in the forest around a fire in the woods at night when suddenly I felt we had to go because there was danger lurking. As I jumped into my truck, I realized there were (2) men in my truck as well & had locked the doors. Then for some reason I realized the brakes weren't working & we were on a VERY steep hill, so the truck start rolling backwards really, really fast  & I knew all (3) of us were about to die because we were aiming straight for a nice, big house at the end of the road. The people in the house even saw us coming & everyone was screaming & trying to get out of the way of the crashing truck--then it crashed right through the house, spi…

Divine Message Given to Me in a Dream....beautiful & profound ...........


Follow up to "scary, alien invasion nightmare"

Happy Sunday,

Much to my shock, as in my nightmare where the military was shooting from helicopters, only to realize, it was a precognition dream to the Las Vegas massacre, an article was just posted on The Daily Sheeple stating there is footage of the massacre, where there is shooting coming from --a helicopter..It's so creepy even I can't believe it....Here is a follow-up article to that dream.

"In an investigation where each day seemingly gets weirder than the last, the latest shocking revelation in the ongoing cover-up of what actually happened during the Las Vegas Massacre comes in the form of video footage that may prove that victims of the attack were fired upon from the air.
Multiple videos posted from the scene of the attack show a helicopter flying around the area which many have speculated could have been used for surveillance or di…


Heaven. It truly exists.....Not only is it a state of mind, but an actual place of pure peace, love & beauty. How do I know? Because I have woken up, "in Heaven" a number of times now in my dream state. Two nights ago, I literally woke up in consciousness, while my body was sleep & right before me, was the most BEAUTIFUL, peach and orange colored mountain, with snow on the top & I instantly felt & knew in my soul, it was Heaven. This energy ran straight down from my head, down the back of my neck & spine, in chills at the scene before me & because I felt the Love of God......It was soooo beautiful & Divine. I hope this gives all a nice inner feeling, knowing such a place exists.

Follow up to my last upsetting dream post, that I now know was Las Vegas.................

Happy Beautiful October,

I hope this finds you all enjoying this gorgeous fall day. My husband & I enjoyed a fun & exciting mountain bike ride by our new home & it was just a ball. By far, my most favorite sport of all.....I haven't written since my last post for many reasons. #1) We have been in the transition mode, of relocating back to Colorado, to one of my most favorite spots in the US.  Both of us had jobs (3) weeks before our townhome was available, so we've been camping & going back & forth to Moab, Utah on weekends, for packing & cleaning up. But we are now, officially in our comfy new home just miles from the most awesome mountain biking, so life is good once again.

Secondly, I've been too crushed over the Las Vegas shooting, considering I now know that is what my last dream post was warning me about. I understand now, the UFO thing was symbolic since Las Vegas is a short distance from Area 51 (the US military base that reverse engineers fal…